Our Special Angels

Images and artwork can be powerful ways to show the realities of fighting your way through the SEND system.

We are collating images sent in from parents, young people, professionals and others here in an online exhibition exposing the problems in the SEND system for the world to see. We’ll share these on social media, and collate them and send to government ministers for them to consider as part of the SEND review as part of the #SENDABetterMessage campaign.

To send your own image, please email us at disabledchildrens.partnership@mencap.org.uk with one sentence describing the image and if possible your name and rough location in the UK (you can keep these anonymous if you would like). When sharing photos of your children, please ensure you have fully got their permission where possible.

Photos could be images of paperwork, your family, or artwork – you can get creative and send whatever works for you. We’d also welcome short video clips.

If you post your own photos, you could tag us on social media (on Twitter @DCPcampaign, on Facebook/Instagram @DisabledChildrensPartnership) and use #SENDABetterMessage. To get the attention of politicians, you could also tag the minister in charge of SEND (@willquince) and the Secretary of State for Education (@JamesCleverly).

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