Our Special Angels

Both myself and Amber are no strangers to campaigning and it sort of became part of our lives by default. Myself not wanting other families to face the constant fighting and battling for basic support we have faced, and Amber is keen that disabled young people have a voice and access to opportunities.  

We were both really keen to share our experiences with MPs and Lords to hopefully influence them to support the campaign and better understand the experiences of families with disabled children and young people. Amber was really keen to share how good quality support and the right attitude from staff at her sixth form have transformed her life, but she’s now concerned what will happen when she moves to adult services.  As even though the local authority says this must be well planned for age 14+ at the latest this just has not happened. Annual reviews haven’t been done as the Law states and I ended up informing the Social Worker that Amber has turned 18.  

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